How to commission ironwork  
The commissioning of any piece of art requires input from the buyer and knowledge of the setting. Ideally, I will meet with you and see the setting in which the work is to be placed. For new construction, where the building or outdoor setting is not yet realized, I can start with the architect's drawings and consultation with you, the owner, and your design team.

Though less ideal, initial discussion can be based on photos and descriptions of the setting. After understanding the location and discussing with you what vision you have for your space and your commission, I will share with you—in the form of quick sketches—ideas and thoughts that the setting suggests to me and get feedback from you. As we work together my understanding of your tastes and desires will become more clear and new ideas I offer may help us focus on a solution. I often do extensive research—prompted by these discussions—on such diverse subjects as historical motifs or local plant types that add authenticity to the design details.

Once our discussions have reached a certain solidity I will be able to give you scale renderings of the piece and of the piece in its setting. At this point I will also suggest ways that color might be used to tie the commission to its setting. Color can be introduced in the choice of metals (bronze, copper, brass, steel, etc.) the choice of patina finishes, or via creative paint finishes. In some cases most of this work is done with the client's architect or designer.

Throughout the process I will keep in touch with you or your representative to ensure that both the creation and installation of your piece go smoothly. Many, many factors go into the pricing of a custom piece of metal work; however, just to give you an idea of price, railings and balconies price at a minimum of $750 per running foot.

Please contact me if you have any questions about commissioning ironwork. Learn more about the process of creating hand-forged ironwork.
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