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Ordering Information for Candleholders and Wine Racks

When ordering, each product description must include three things:
1. Name or number of design
2. Finish: Bronze or Black steel or Pewter
3. Insert color (for candleholders)

#03 - Steel - Brass insert

Lily candle cups use lily-shaped inserts to hold the candles. They lift out for cleaning. These candleholders are priced with copper, brass, or powder coated inserts included. Other inserts may be substituted for these at an additional charge, per insert, as shown in the chart below. Many buyers enjoy having extra inserts in more than one color. These prices are on the right in the chart.

Insert price adjustment chart
The first price column shows the price of the insert when included with the candleholder purchase. The second column shows the price of the insert when purchased extra.



Price with

Price as extra
Copper Solid copper $0 $10
Brass Solid brass $0 $10
Oxide Mauve copper $10 $20
Patina Verdi-green copper $10 $20
Silver Bright silver aluminum $10 $20
Inserts below are powder coated  
Grape Soft dusty purple $0 $10
Teal Blue-green with texture $0 $10
Gold-black Rich, dark bronzey color $0 $10
Speckled Light Green Shimmering mossy $0 $10
Garden Spice Variegated dark green $0 $10
Sepia Warm brown $0 $10
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