Finishes and colors
All candleholders are available in black, pewter or bronze finishes. The lily cup insert for your candleholder can be one of twelve different colors. Please indicate when you order which finish and color you would like.

pieces are forged from a high-quality marine-grade bronze. Solid bronze has a golden brown surface, which we polish to give the surface highlights that sparkle gold. This bronze will mellow but won't turn blue or green. These pieces can even be kept outdoors! A light scrubbing with 60 grit sandpaper or scotchbrite pad every 2 or 3 years refurbishes the highlights.

Pewter pieces are forged steel that has most of the black removed, leaving a look that combines subtle silver highlights with the black and grey present in natural steel. A clear finish is sprayed on to prevent rust and makes for easy cleaning.

Black pieces are forged from steel, then powder coated black in our own powder coating room. This finish is extremely resistant to rust and is easy to clean and maintain.


Lily cup candleholder insert colors
Black Brass Copper Garden Spice Gold-Black Grape
Matte, and just like it sounds Shiny gold and coated with a high gloss acrylic finish Just like a new penny with high gloss acrylic finish A very dark flat green with very small, subtle, light speckles Powder coated, low gloss combination of gold and black. Good alternative to the bright gold of brass. Powder coated, matte, almost grey




Lt. Speckled Green
Copper left in the forge until it's almost ready to melt. Bright burgundy red—daring! Copper treated with an acid wash, creating a variegated green finish Powder coated, matte, neutral brown Formed of anodized aluminum, shiny A natural leafy green with a small, subtle, dark green speckle Powder coated, matte, mostly blue, slightly to the green side
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